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Students के मांग पर आब" Hindi Notes के" कुछ chapter को छोड कर बकी सारे chapter के Notes पुनः FREE कर दिये गये है।

"Students द्वारा द्वारा भेजे गये Examination में पुच्छे गये नये प्रशन​**" ।

"हमारे Expert Trainers द्वारा चुने गयें आज के Examination केलिये सम्भावित प्रशन​**" है।

We need your contribution of Rs.150/- each, to do training at our Portal. We are planning in big way, to give you world class service.

Still You can do Free Training at Please click here to know more is a website providing IC-38 training to candidate who want to become Insurance Consultant. Currently this website is available in Hindi, English and Gujarati Only.

1.Chapter Wise Notes Very comprehensive notes of all 26 chapters (including General Insurance) of IC 38 are available in Hindi and English. These notes cover 100% Syllabus for III Examination for Insurance agents for Life Insurance, Health Insurance as well as general Insurance. All notes are extracted from IC 38 book provided by Insurance Institute of India. Contents are also very important for knowledge required for a successful career as Insurance Agent in India. It can also be used by existing agents as a reference material

2.Chapter wise Question : Students are advised to attempt question of a chapter after finishing notes of each chapter. Question are taken from IC 38 Book provided by Insurance Institute of India also there are many questions which are actually being asked in the examination. All questions are multiple choice type questions

On Submit you get the right answer, answer given by you and very useful hint for each question. Attempting question multiple time improves your knowledge on that chapter.

3.Mock Test : Currently it contain 10 Mock test each in Hindi, English as well as in Gujarati. According to actual examination pattern mock test have 50 objective questions. You get 1 marks for every right answer and there is no negative marks for wrong answer. Time available for actual exam in 1 hour, students are advised to attempt each mock test within 1 hour. Count down watch is displayed to track your time on Mock Test page. Students are advised to always attempt all questions in examination. On submit of Mock Test you get your total score in the test , also the score required to pass the exam. After Submit you also get the right answer, answer given by you and very useful hint for each question.

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Indian Insurance Industry

The insurance industry of India consists of 57 insurance companies of which 24 are in life insurance business and 33 are non-life insurers.

Market Size
The domestic life insurance industry registered 10.99 per cent y-o-y growth for new business premium in 2017-18, generating a revenue of Rs 1.94 trillion (US$ 30.1 billion). Gross direct premiums for non-life insurance industry increased by 17.54 per cent y-o-y in FY18.

How do I become insurance agent in India?

You can become Agent either for a Life Insurance company or for a general Insurance company or become a composite Agent. You would need to approach an Insurance company, apply in the prescribed format alongwith supporting documents. Dox would be your identity proof, address proof, PANCARD copy, few copies of your photograph and then apply. You would have to undergo an online IC-38 training and once you clear IRDA Exam you get certified to become an Agent.

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