About Us

About Us

    I am a Training Manager Employed with one of Insurance Companies in India. My profession is to provide training to Insurance Professionals. One of main part of my training is, training to Insurance Agents for passing IC 38 Examination conducted by Insurance Institute Of India.

Why beemaagent.com?

    Need for a website like beemaagent.com arise in 2011-2012 when passing IC 33 Exam was very tough. I have seen the days, when out of 20 people who were going 100 km to appear in IC 33 Exam, only 1 – 2 were able to score 50% marks and pass the exam. While talking to candidates we realized that, most of the candidate appearing for exam where from poor background. Some of these candidates had never seen computer in their life. We realized the need for platform where candidate can do practice before exam in real environment, which is similar to the actual examination pattern.

How we started?

    Problem with me was, when I started I had very little knowledge about website. With reference from some books and online tutorials I started the website. Initially there was only 5 Mock Test each in Hindi and English. This website was being used by my colleague and friends for training purpose, only among our candidates. When IRDA changed syllabus in 2016 and introduced IC 38, also we realized that candidate from all over India are using this website. We decided to Include Chapter Wise Question and Chapter Wise short notes. Now the website has enough study material and practice sets which is sufficient for a candidate to pass the IC-38 exam. Also it is a good source of knowledge for agents who are starting their career as Insurance Agent in India.


    Biggest Challenge I faced was, getting the website built. Cost of hiring a professional for this purpose was very high. So I decided to do it myself, apart from Insurance books I started studding programming books and blogs. Another difficulty I faced was with Hindi Language, Hindi typing and putting them on website. With my very little knowledge of programming, the website is in front of you. Out of my busy schedule I am working daily 2-3 hour to Improve Contents and Experiences of the website.

Future Planning

    Our future planning is to improve it with more relevant questions which are actually being asked in exam. Currently we are using YouTube Video from other agency. Very soon we will introduce our own training video. We will also include other training materials relevant for new as well as old Insurance Agents. In future, we are also planning to guide Insurance Customers to understand their Insurance policy before buying them, and manage their policy after buying. For agents we will provide platform where they will be able to create their online profile, so that customer can reach them directly.

Even if it is solving small problem of someone, hard work behind it is justified.


    Nandan Kumar