How to Become Insurance Agent in India?

Important Qualities of a Successful Insurance Agents.

    Like entrepreneurs, successful insurance agents are not born; they are made. A lot of people think that being an insurance agent is easy and creates a lot of money. This is indeed, true, as long as the agent has the necessary characteristics to make him successful with his job. Being an insurance agent has a lot of advantages such as being able to work on the preferred time schedule and the opportunity to increase the profit by exerting more effort in increasing sales. But without the right traits, an insurance agent will not be able to enjoy the advantages at all.

    Following are some of important qualities which is found in all successful Insurance agents.

An Entrepreneurial Spirit

    To be a successful insurance agent, you need to adopt the entrepreneurial spirit. Learn to see opportunities in every interaction, every scenario, and in places that others might have overlooked. It is also necessary to view things in the long-term, as most entrepreneurs do. Developing a meaningful and successful business wont happen overnight.


    One of the most common traits among successful agents is the ability to self-motivate. Being an insurance agent and running your own business is not easy. In any given day, there is a multitude of challenges and frustrations to overcome; from frequent rejections to financial concerns. Without a strong mental attitude, you can easily become dejected and lose faith in your ability to succeed as an agent. You will have to stay motivated and keep going despite failures. The more energy and enthusiasm you have for your career, the easier it will be to stay motivated. A big part of developing self-motivation is loving what you do.

People Skills

    You need to have a high level of emotional intelligence, good customer service acumen, and the desire to always put the needs of the client first. All of which will mean happier customers, and happier customers are more likely to remain loyal to your agency. Long-term clients are the foundation of a successful insurance agency.

A Strong Personality

    A strong personality means having high energy levels, persistence, and plenty of integrity. At the same time, you will need a persistent attitude to get past the inevitable rejectionseach no brings you closer to a yes. Be persistent enough to overcome the no, but know when it is time to back off and move on to another prospect.

General Knowledge and Willingness to Learn

    The more knowledgeable you are in your field, the more authority you command. That means consumers are more likely to turn to you when they have a problem that needs solving. Knowledge does not just come from your training; it comes from listening carefully to prospects and other experts, as well as an unceasing willingness to learn.

Determination and Persistence

    In the early stages of your career when the likelihood of being turned down by prospects is highest. At this stage, they do not know, like, or trust you. Expect the rejections to come thick and fast. But, with determination and persistence, you can survive the rejections and use them to your advantage.It means understanding that not everyone wants what you are selling. Keep going despite the rejections.

Willingness to Win

    Winning means being the best at what you do. You must find ways to gain the competitive edge over other agents if you are to succeed in todays contentious market. Winning, however, does not mean alienating yourself from other agents. In fact, remaining friendly and cooperative with other agents will be beneficial to your success

    If you have above skills and quality or you are willing to develop these skills and qualitie a Golden Career is waiting for you.

STEPS to get Licence and Start Working.

    1. First, the insurance agent needs to decide whether he wants to sell life insurance products, general insurance products or both of them.

    2. Next, insurance agent needs to research various insurance companies available in the market, countrywide network presence, their products, sales of each product, consumer base etc.

    3. Once you have shortlisted 2-3 companies, go and meet their Development Officer/Sales Managers. Take your time to select your Development Officer/Sales Managers because for rest of your life you have to work with this person.

    4. With all DO/SM you meet, try to know about their Company, Best selling products, Agents Compensation, Extra Advantage to agents compare than other company and Extra advantage to agent working with that DO/SM.

    5. Once you have decided about the company and DO/SM, get Agency Application Form from him.

    6. Document Required With Agency Application Form.

       1. PAN( Your PAN must not be listed on IRDA Portal)

       2. Graduation/ 10+2 Mark sheet,

       3. 10th Mark sheet

       4. ID Proof(Adhar, DL, Voter Id..)

       5. Bank Passbook Xerox Copy

       6. Examination Fee - Rs. 425/- ( Different Company May Charge Other Fee Also)

    7.Once your form is accepted by company, there will be 10-15 days waiting period before you appear in III Examination.

    8. During the waiting period you should do following work:-

       1. Prepare for III Examination( will help you)

       2. Get Knowledge About Insurance Industry, About your Company, Product and little bit of sales Training.

       3. Prepare List of 25-50 People whom you know and whose income is more than 10k per month. They should be comfertable with sitting with you and discussing on any topic, with or without prior appointment.

    9. On Exam day reach examination center min 30 min early at dont forget to carry a Original ID Proof. Remember the signature you have done while feeling Agency Application Form/Examination Form.

    10. Once you pass the exam, your company will provide you Licence Copy, Id-Card and other Sales tools.